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  • Captain Nog Forever
    Captain Nog Forever
    Category: After Shows
    5 Episodes
    Cirroc Lofton and Ryan T. Husk remember Aron Eisenberg with his friends and colleagues.
  • Chillpak Hollywood
    Chillpak Hollywood
    Category: Society & Culture
    44 Episodes
    Each week, Dean Haglund and Phil Lierness take you on a journey.
  • Down The Rabbit Hole
    Down The Rabbit Hole
    Category: Society & Culture
    18 Episodes
    Nancy Planeta and Rafael Martinez discuss conspiries.
  • Dr. Who Audiophiles
    Dr. Who Audiophiles
    Category: Society & Culture
    6 Episodes
    Let's Talk Dr. Who audio episodes. They're bigger on the inside!
  • MarkWHO42's Universe
    MarkWHO42's Universe
    Category: Society & Culture
    29 Episodes
    Starting the first Monday of March at 9pm Eastern, MarkWHO42 returns on internet radio on ODYSY (pronounced Odyssey) Radio.

    We will be on weekly with new episodes and the station will be putting us in different time slots too so we air at a good listening hour for different time zones.

    You can find ODYSY Radio at ODYSY1.com and ... See More
  • ODYSY Live
    ODYSY Live
    Category: Society & Culture
    0 Episodes
    ODYSY Radio Network. Dare To Wonder!
  • Paranormal Road
    Paranormal Road
    Category: Society & Culture
    35 Episodes
    From ghosts to Bigfoot to UFO's and the mothman, EVP Mediums investigate and discuss them all on "Paranormal Road." Catch new episodes of 'Paranormal Road' each Tuesday at 8 PM ET only on ODYSY. odysy1.com
  • Shuddup And Listen
    Shuddup And Listen
    Category: Society & Culture
    11 Episodes
    Rocci Stucci and Jeffrey Daughtery discuss everything paranomal!
  • The 7th Rule
    The 7th Rule
    Category: Society & Culture
    50 Episodes
    Join Aron Eisenberg, Cirroc Lofton, Ryan T. Husk and Jarrod Cooper to talk about almost anything, including the latest episiode if 'Star Trek Discovery.'

    Hear new episodes of 'The 7th Rule' each Sunday at 11 PM Eastern only on ODYSY.
  • The 7th Rule 2
    The 7th Rule 2
    Category: After Shows
    4 Episodes
    Cirroc Lofton, Ryan T. Husk and special guests discuss episodes of 'Star Trek Picard,' 'Star Trek Discovery,' 'Star Trek Voyager' and more!
  • The Intrepid Radio Program
    Scotty Roberts discusses history, religious history, conspiracies and more each weeknight on ODYSY.
  • The Nexus
    The Nexus
    Category: Society & Culture
    38 Episodes
    “Where Interesting Subjects with Interesting People result in Interesting Discussions.”

    In a seemingly disconnected world of many elements from the physical to the meta physical, the esoteric to the exoteric, the reality of what we experience through our senses and consciousness is a deep and profoundly connected exo-verse of all ... See More
  • The Rob Simone Talk Show
    The Rob Simone Talk Show is an award winning, in-depth, thought provoking talk show. Rob travels the world to find "The Most Interesting People on the Planet.

    "Topics include: science, consciousness, the paranormal, entertainment & more.

    Rob produces this fascinating talk show from Los Angeles, CA and hosts his show ... See More
  • The Vixen's Vault
    Nancy Planeta, Rafael Martinez and guests talk about the paranormal and the world around us.
  • Trek 360
    Trek 360
    Category: Society & Culture
    12 Episodes
    Jarrod Cooper talks with Trek celebs, writers, gamers, convention goes and much more!
  • UFOdyssey
    Category: Society & Culture
    30 Episodes
    Join MUFON Ohio State Director Thomas Wertman to discuss the latest UFO sightings from around the world.
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